This month, we want to know what $1000 is worth to you!

What could you do with $1000 worth of something?… swings? or flowers? Pop tarts? Rainbows? Coffee? Screws? Smiles? Dance moves? Chocolate biscuits? Pipe cleaners?

Do you think you could do an awesome thing with $1000 worth of something? TELL US! Apply now for the easiest 1k in South Australia.1000

A message from our latest grant winner — Luke Tansell

My involvement with the Adelaide Mini Maker Faire started with me volunteering and later working at Fab Lab Adelaide, a community-focused advanced manufacturing space, a couple of years ago. I had heard about the other global Mini Maker Faires and I’d been fascinated by the concept ever since. After a while I heard that the second Adelaide Mini Maker Faire was being organised I jumped at the opportunity as I love being involved with community event. A lot of the international Mini Maker Faires have really interesting vehicles, and I wanted to add to the spectacular event with one of my own.

As for me; I’ve always been a ‘tinkerer’. I find that knowledge and imagination are two things that people need to progress successfully in life. At the age of three I disassembled my dad’s painting spotlight to see inside and electrocuted myself, and I think it sparked something inside of me! Admittedly I’ve been electrocuting myself ever since, but failures are one of the best ways of learning. Ever since I was little I’ve had a need to know how things work, and the easiest way is to pull things apart and look inside. Along with pulling them apart, I also like repairing things and mashing them together to create new things.

Again, thank you for this opportunity!


An oasis is in the making for the community in Adelaide’s West. A forrest of greenery in the heart of the city; Green Gate set for a meeting place, catch ups over a picnic or soaking up the peaceful garden environment. It’ll be full of editable like fruit trees and herbs, a boule pitch and just to top it off, how about a game of ping pong? Well, why not we said and granted the group 1k to get it done.

So who helped all of this happen? WEVA.

About two years ago a group of residents got together over a cuppa-tea to form the community organisation called West End Village Association(or WEVA). It all happened because they felt inspired by the opportunities within the area, it motivated them to get it done.

Living within an area that lacked visual public Greening and street infrastructure WEVA developed what’s called their ‘ Urban Forest Vision’ (P.S it’s an interesting and insightful read…you can read that here.)

Whilst this vision has received popular support from Adelaide City Council, the progress winning large funds is a long slow slog. That’s where Awesome steps in to help get the ball rolling on the smaller project; Green Gate.

We think the Green Gate garden is a great initiative developed by the community for the community. That’s pretty awesome in itself and interestingly, a bit unique too, as most non-commercial city gardens are developed and managed by city councils. 

Best of luck WEVA, we’re looking forward to that ping pong comp!

AWESOME CERTIFIED: Road Trip Sessions, by Sharni, Tash, Dave and Tom.

 Awesome Foundation Adelaide is thrilled about their latest winner for this month’s round of funding. The Road Trip Sessions, an online video series will see the awesome foursome pictured above pack up a van to take artists down the road and into the wild—and all while capturing them on film against the beautiful natural landscapes of South Australia. This project is all about peeling back and getting down to basics: great food, great wine and great musicians in awesome settings across Continue reading

AWESOME CERTIFIED: Adelaide/Yogyakarta (Haneen Martin aka Zombie Queen)

Awesome Foundation Adelaide is proud to celebrate its latest winner of 1000 awesome dollars the wonderful, illustrious and ultra-switched on and switched-in curator, print-maker, sometimes-writer/illustrator and student, Ms Haneen Martin from Zombie Queen Art & Consulting. Haneen’s project, ‘Adelaide Yogyakarta’ will fund an exhibition for two contemporary Indonesian and local artists later on this year. Awesome chatted to Haneen about her work and process, what the funding will help enable and why she is totally awesome.

We had a chat with Haneen about her project, her passions and what the 1k means to her.
Continue reading

AWESOME CERTIFIED: The Analogue Laboratory

Awesome Adelaide is proud to announce as the recipients of the March 2015 funding round the incredibly awesome Alex Bishop-Thorpe and Aurelia Carbone from The Analogue Laboratory (housed at The Mill) for their project to “Make Better Magic”.

Over the past 2+ years Alex and Aurelia have undertaken the enormous task of setting up and establishing a working public darkroom for budding and established analogue enthusiasts.

The duo run a series of highly successful photography and development training workshops, providing the tools and chemistry to rent for those who just like them, like to make things – especially those kinds of things that are best created under the soft hues and acrid smells of a blackened out darkroom.

The funding awarded by the Awesome Foundation will allow them to bolster their not-for-profit creative space by enabling the purchasing of a much needed ventilator so they can Continue reading

The Tandem Project – November Grant Winner

The Tandem Project began two years ago in response to the stark shortfall of funding and human resources supporting the development of high performance cycling for vision impaired riders.

There was no equipment, no pilots, no program for skills and fitness development and certainty no integration with able bodied sport. Five time paralympic gold medallist Kieran Modra and his training pilot of ten years had tried unsuccessfully to encourage cyclists to cross over to tandem sport. Kieran Modra and his training pilot had been long time members of the Clipsal Cycling Team.



Victoria from the Tandem Project says “There is no other program of its kind in Australia and already we have eclipsed the success of the Sports Institutes around Australia…. As evidenced by the athlete profiles on our website, we have changed the lives of the athletes riding for the team. We are now focusing on building a women’s tandem team and have begun training our new female vision impaired riders through basic training… Our vision impaired riders enjoy integration with all of the training sessions conducted with our single bike riders. This team has successfully seen the integration of tandems into all of the high performance bunch rides around Adelaide – in fact our tandems often rip them apart!”

How Awesome is that!?

Lighting the Flame for Awesome Adelaide

The October Winner

Phew!  The first grant has been awarded and we have been blown away. Seriously.

The competition was fierce and diverse; it was a bit of a challenge for the trustees to choose a winner, but they did it!  The Adelaide Chapter’s October Awesome Foundation Grant winner is…*drumroll please*…. Luminor fire spinning classes.

Timothy Goddard the  face behind Luminor Fire Spinning classes have partnered up with Point A to deliver regular classes, and run workshops off site in the future.  Fire spinning is pretty Awesome in itself but the thing that amazes the crew most is the depth and individuality of everyone’s journey within the cultures poi spinning is associated with.

One spark is all it takes to start a journey of Awesome proportions, developing complementary skills along the way, giving you new goals to focus on.  Tim caught the fire spinning bug around 6 years, the practice has taken him all around Australia, across the USA, and to the Ukraine.

The Luminor workshops will vary from basic skills in a particular fire-related discipline, to fire safety, and fire spinning itself.  They’ve also started venturing into running intensive group sessions.  In order to expand this venture into something extra Awesome, they needed some fresh spinning equipment to replace the random janky leftovers they have been making use of.

The Awesome Grant will not only allow the crew to update their gear and pass the fire twirling spark onto more Adelaideans than ever before but it will also support the wider community at Point A.  We can’t wait to see how the Luminor spinners set this city alight!

It’s almost time for Awesome to jam

Remember when we mentioned that we were going to have a jam session to get together and chat about what this Awesome Foundation business is all about? Well…  It’s happening. This Thursday.

AND the first grant is about to be awarded. I know, we reckon it’s freaking exciting too!

Now this is important: you might have already RSVP’d like the Awesome legend you are but because we had a mammoth response we’ve had no option but to formalise the event a little and create a proper registration page (one swift, easy click here will take you directly to it).  It would be great if you could please pop your name through here so we know how many Cheezles to set out for you.

Maybe you’re one of the people with an Awesome idea? Or you’re lucky enough to know someone who does?  We see a lot of that kind of Awesome in Adelaide, and we want to see a lot more.  The best way to make this happen is by making ourselves known, and encouraging people to spread the word.

You know, Adelaide’s inspiring innovators started the conversation about how to bring more Awesome to the table, we’re thrilled to be able to create a platform that makes it easier to create change, and now we’re opening the floor of discussion to you as well. Your experience and insight is just as invaluable to forwarding Awesome in Adelaide.  This is why we’re looking forward to catching up with you (and maybe a couple of your friends) at the HUB this Thursday evening.

Full details are available here on the registration page.  Oh and don’t forget to share with your mates on Facebook and Twitter – the more, the merrier as they say.

See you Thursday!

Lucinda Roberts
Your Dean
Awesome Foundation – Adelaide Chapter

Here’s your exclusive invitation

Well. It’s safe to say ‘blown away’ is an understatement when it comes to the positive response we’ve had to Awesome Adelaide opening it’s doors earlier this month.

The trustees and myself are thrilled and proud – we knew that Adelaide had a lot of closet Awesome wanting to bust out, but dayyyuuum we’ve seen some top-notch Awesome pop up. And it’s only been a couple weeks!

Anyhow, we thought with all this buzz building up it was high time to get together for a meeting of the minds, Awesome style. Here be the plan:

  1. Fill a room with Awesome change-makers
  2. Make sure everyone is comfortable and happy, put a little music on
  3. Open the floor to discussion
  4. Be titillated by the bold, ridiculously ingenious ideas you all come up with

And before you start up saying ‘ohhhh but I’m not a change maker, so I probs wouldn’t, like, fit in there…’ we would like to point out that you are definitely a change-maker.

The way we define change-maker is someone who wants to make a difference, someone who loves to encourage the Awesome in others, and wants to connect with other like minded folks. Someone just like you who ‘gets’ that support and possibility make for an excellent combination.

If you weren’t a change-maker you’d be reading some other boring blog and it’s likely the Awesome Foundation wouldn’t even be on your radar. But since Awesome is on your radar, and you are a change-maker, you absolutely belong at our jam session!

Right. Details.

Date: 6th November 2014 (it’s a Thursday, calendar that it in now)
Place: The Hub, Peel Street, Awesome Adelaide
Time: 6:15PM
What to bring: Your fine self. Optional/Encouraged – friend/s and delicious snacks.Looking forward to meeting you all! And I know I keep saying it but you seriously do have permission to be Awesome.

Lucinda Roberts
Your Dean
Awesome Foundation – Adelaide Chapter