A message from our latest grant winner — Luke Tansell

My involvement with the Adelaide Mini Maker Faire started with me volunteering and later working at Fab Lab Adelaide, a community-focused advanced manufacturing space, a couple of years ago. I had heard about the other global Mini Maker Faires and I’d been fascinated by the concept ever since. After a while I heard that the second Adelaide Mini Maker Faire was being organised I jumped at the opportunity as I love being involved with community event. A lot of the international Mini Maker Faires have really interesting vehicles, and I wanted to add to the spectacular event with one of my own.

As for me; I’ve always been a ‘tinkerer’. I find that knowledge and imagination are two things that people need to progress successfully in life. At the age of three I disassembled my dad’s painting spotlight to see inside and electrocuted myself, and I think it sparked something inside of me! Admittedly I’ve been electrocuting myself ever since, but failures are one of the best ways of learning. Ever since I was little I’ve had a need to know how things work, and the easiest way is to pull things apart and look inside. Along with pulling them apart, I also like repairing things and mashing them together to create new things.

Again, thank you for this opportunity!

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