It’s almost time for Awesome to jam

Remember when we mentioned that we were going to have a jam session to get together and chat about what this Awesome Foundation business is all about? Well…  It’s happening. This Thursday.

AND the first grant is about to be awarded. I know, we reckon it’s freaking exciting too!

Now this is important: you might have already RSVP’d like the Awesome legend you are but because we had a mammoth response we’ve had no option but to formalise the event a little and create a proper registration page (one swift, easy click here will take you directly to it).  It would be great if you could please pop your name through here so we know how many Cheezles to set out for you.

Maybe you’re one of the people with an Awesome idea? Or you’re lucky enough to know someone who does?  We see a lot of that kind of Awesome in Adelaide, and we want to see a lot more.  The best way to make this happen is by making ourselves known, and encouraging people to spread the word.

You know, Adelaide’s inspiring innovators started the conversation about how to bring more Awesome to the table, we’re thrilled to be able to create a platform that makes it easier to create change, and now we’re opening the floor of discussion to you as well. Your experience and insight is just as invaluable to forwarding Awesome in Adelaide.  This is why we’re looking forward to catching up with you (and maybe a couple of your friends) at the HUB this Thursday evening.

Full details are available here on the registration page.  Oh and don’t forget to share with your mates on Facebook and Twitter – the more, the merrier as they say.

See you Thursday!

Lucinda Roberts
Your Dean
Awesome Foundation – Adelaide Chapter

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