An oasis is in the making for the community in Adelaide’s West. A forrest of greenery in the heart of the city; Green Gate set for a meeting place, catch ups over a picnic or soaking up the peaceful garden environment. It’ll be full of editable like fruit trees and herbs, a boule pitch and just to top it off, how about a game of ping pong? Well, why not we said and granted the group 1k to get it done.

So who helped all of this happen? WEVA.

About two years ago a group of residents got together over a cuppa-tea to form the community organisation called West End Village Association(or WEVA). It all happened because they felt inspired by the opportunities within the area, it motivated them to get it done.

Living within an area that lacked visual public Greening and street infrastructure WEVA developed what’s called their ‘ Urban Forest Vision’ (P.S it’s an interesting and insightful read…you can read that here.)

Whilst this vision has received popular support from Adelaide City Council, the progress winning large funds is a long slow slog. That’s where Awesome steps in to help get the ball rolling on the smaller project; Green Gate.

We think the Green Gate garden is a great initiative developed by the community for the community. That’s pretty awesome in itself and interestingly, a bit unique too, as most non-commercial city gardens are developed and managed by city councils. 

Best of luck WEVA, we’re looking forward to that ping pong comp!

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