Here’s your exclusive invitation

Well. It’s safe to say ‘blown away’ is an understatement when it comes to the positive response we’ve had to Awesome Adelaide opening it’s doors earlier this month.

The trustees and myself are thrilled and proud – we knew that Adelaide had a lot of closet Awesome wanting to bust out, but dayyyuuum we’ve seen some top-notch Awesome pop up. And it’s only been a couple weeks!

Anyhow, we thought with all this buzz building up it was high time to get together for a meeting of the minds, Awesome style. Here be the plan:

  1. Fill a room with Awesome change-makers
  2. Make sure everyone is comfortable and happy, put a little music on
  3. Open the floor to discussion
  4. Be titillated by the bold, ridiculously ingenious ideas you all come up with

And before you start up saying ‘ohhhh but I’m not a change maker, so I probs wouldn’t, like, fit in there…’ we would like to point out that you are definitely a change-maker.

The way we define change-maker is someone who wants to make a difference, someone who loves to encourage the Awesome in others, and wants to connect with other like minded folks. Someone just like you who ‘gets’ that support and possibility make for an excellent combination.

If you weren’t a change-maker you’d be reading some other boring blog and it’s likely the Awesome Foundation wouldn’t even be on your radar. But since Awesome is on your radar, and you are a change-maker, you absolutely belong at our jam session!

Right. Details.

Date: 6th November 2014 (it’s a Thursday, calendar that it in now)
Place: The Hub, Peel Street, Awesome Adelaide
Time: 6:15PM
What to bring: Your fine self. Optional/Encouraged – friend/s and delicious snacks.Looking forward to meeting you all! And I know I keep saying it but you seriously do have permission to be Awesome.

Lucinda Roberts
Your Dean
Awesome Foundation – Adelaide Chapter

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