Cheat Sheets


 April 2015 – The Road Trip Sessions

How The Analogue Laboratory propose to spend the Awesome Fund:
  • Basic petrol and transport costs
  • Creative skills of crew (photography, videography, direction, editing and production costs etc)
  • Equipment hire for top quality sound recording
  • Locally sourced Picnic goods
  • Logo design
Sharni’s Tips for Applying to Awesome:
  • Be really thorough
  • Ask for help (from Awesome, they are very personable and down to earth [editor: this is true, you can always email us with any questions you have!]
  • Round application with great images
  • Break down the costs for how you will spend the money and be very clear about what/how you will use the funds
More Awesomeness about The Analogue Laboratory

More Awesomeness about Sharni, The Porch Sessions and the awesome foursome

Sharni Honor Producer Governor of The Porch Sessions, Program assistant at WOMADelaide

Tash McCammon Director of Photography Freelance Photographer – Has shot pictures for Only, Neon Theory, Salty Shoes, The Porch Sessions & local bands

Dave Resce Director of Videography & Producer Freelance Videographer – Music Videos, Weddings & Events

Tom Soldan Assistant Videographer Producer – Adelaide Fringe TV, Camera Operator – Music Room



 February 2015 – The Analogue Laboratory

How The Analogue Laboratory propose to spend the Awesome Fund:
  • 1 x better ventilation system
  • 1 x light table
  • 1 x film cutting space
  • Review and improvements to darkroom’s electrical system
Alex’s and Aurelia’s Tips for Applying to Awesome:
  • Just do it, especially for ‘left-of-centre’ ideas
  • Be concise, clear and show your excitement for the project in the application
  • See Awesome as an opportunity to boost your awesome to the next level
  • Target specifics for how you will use the grant if successful
More Awesomeness about The Analogue Laboratory

The Analogue Laboratory is based The Mill complex at 154 Angas Street, Adelaide, South Australia. They offer darkroom hire and a range of workshops with no previous training required. More info about how to apply and what courses are available here.

Alex is a South Australian Photographic Artist who likes to make things. His work embraces a range of experimental and antiquarian photographic techniques and materials as well as interdisciplinary projects.

Aurelia is an artist and single mother-of-two. In her photography and installation work she uses illusions to describe the nebulous relationship between the real and the imagined.




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