The Tandem Project – November Grant Winner

The Tandem Project began two years ago in response to the stark shortfall of funding and human resources supporting the development of high performance cycling for vision impaired riders.

There was no equipment, no pilots, no program for skills and fitness development and certainty no integration with able bodied sport. Five time paralympic gold medallist Kieran Modra and his training pilot of ten years had tried unsuccessfully to encourage cyclists to cross over to tandem sport. Kieran Modra and his training pilot had been long time members of the Clipsal Cycling Team.



Victoria from the Tandem Project says “There is no other program of its kind in Australia and already we have eclipsed the success of the Sports Institutes around Australia…. As evidenced by the athlete profiles on our website, we have changed the lives of the athletes riding for the team. We are now focusing on building a women’s tandem team and have begun training our new female vision impaired riders through basic training… Our vision impaired riders enjoy integration with all of the training sessions conducted with our single bike riders. This team has successfully seen the integration of tandems into all of the high performance bunch rides around Adelaide – in fact our tandems often rip them apart!”

How Awesome is that!?

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