AWESOME CERTIFIED: Road Trip Sessions, by Sharni, Tash, Dave and Tom.

 Awesome Foundation Adelaide is thrilled about their latest winner for this month’s round of funding. The Road Trip Sessions, an online video series will see the awesome foursome pictured above pack up a van to take artists down the road and into the wild—and all while capturing them on film against the beautiful natural landscapes of South Australia. This project is all about peeling back and getting down to basics: great food, great wine and great musicians in awesome settings across  some of the most scenic backdrops that South Australia has to offer.

It was the discussion of four friends over a pot of tea, all sharing ideas on how we could showcase some of the greatest things about our state – the quality of music that exists within it, the serene and untouched nature of our landscapes and the collection of brands, products and ideas that make Adelaide and South Australia us unique and as brilliant as it is. We wanted to encapsulate these ideals and showcase it to the rest of the globe as a little insight into our humble world.

 Awesome chatted to Sharni, lead strategy and business ops on the project, to find out a little more about the team and their work. Emerging from her very successful project “The Porch Sessions” (which just finished up a second sold out season!), The Road Trip Sessions came about as a result of the group having been working alongside each other on various bits and pieces but really wanting to find a way to band together and collaborate on a specific project that they could seriously and equally sink their teeth into:

We had all been helping each other out with our various projects, and we quickly became ridiculously close pals. It was a discussion between friends that turned into a full blown project idea, a counterpoint that could highlight each of our strengths, as a team. For example, one of our main drives is our passion of Adelaide – we believe that now really is the time to promote how great ‪#‎Adelaide is. People need to know of its glorious cross section between great wine, great food, musicians AND locations, which is what we are trying to do with The Road Trip Sessions. One of our goals is to scout out some of the best secret locations existing naturally in South Australia and to be able to highlight those in fresh and artistic ways.

The group, who met and bonded through their shared love for music and DIY creativity, café culture and a deep love for discovering the undiscovered, have been working on this idea for about 6 months.

Sharni, who hails from a background combo of outdoor adventure education and festival contract work is passionate about the music scene in Adelaide, and in particular about highlighting local talent. Besides ‘The Porch Sessions’, she also writes for Rip it Up Magazine and has been working the circuit between Adelaide Festival, WOMADelaide and The Cabaret Festival.

But despite her experience doing artist programming and heavy logistics administration, she was craving the whole “let’s go out and do something on my own kind of thing.”

So, together with Tash, the photographer, who previously held a stint running The Annex café in Glenelg and who now is taking her stunning photographic work to new heights; Dave, a man of many talents – a teacher, an extremely talented musician and is absolutely smashing video production in the wedding industry; and Tom, a man of all things film who used to work for The Music Room and now finds himself editing for Channel 7 News and is also an expert on writing lists, “the creative collision” as Sharni likes to call the group, will be hitting the road as soon as NEXT WEEK to get started on The big ‘ole Road Trip:

The plan is for four sessions with four different artists. It’s going to be an adventure just to get there. Basically we’ll be packing up the van, throwing in some props, bundling up the crew and a picnic basket and then bounding off to hunt down these amazing secret locations and set up camp for the afternoon. We will film a session at sunset where the musicians will be playing acoustically, super stripped back with camp fires, wine, cheese – the whole lot! Then we will put it altogether in this nifty little video clip and push it out into the world.

According to Sharni, it’s “not so much about on the ground stuff but more about looking at it in terms of its global reach.” Down the track they plan to get some interstate artists but for now it’s all about highlighting South Australia and the amazing musicians we have here. They will be looking to have all the sessions recorded by the end of the month, and out into the world before the end of Winter. For Sharni, the first season ofThe Road Trip Sessions is a kind of prelude for where they want to take things as a team, to see how people respond and want kind of demand there is out there for a project such as this. With ideas bubbling to the surface such as an eventual creation of a physical compilation from The Road Trip Sessions, or to take this series further by exploring more corners of the country including all the incredible music that is hiding in various corners. But for now, their primary goal is to put Adelaide on the map in terms of its incredible music scene, sense of community, and all the individual elements that go into makings of “the good life”.

The underlying motivation of the Sessions – Porch, Road (and now Cellar Door too!) for Sharni exists in striking “a balance, a determined mindset, and being able to see the greatness in small things. A lot of people are destination people, they just tick the boxes and move on, but I believe in smelling the flowers a bit, taking it slow, and giving things a red hot crack while we are young, creative and filled with burning passion.”

This is exactly what Awesome believes in as well and this is exactly why we are so excited to see the results of The Road Trip Sessions as soon as they are ready for our musings!

Stay tuned for more updates on this project, or tune into The Porch Sessions Facebook page for regular updates and announcements about this awesomely awesome creation.

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