This is seriously inspiring

Did you see the last grant the Melbourne Chapter awarded to Long Street Coffee? Wow, talk about inspiring community action.

LSC are a social enterprise cafe who employ and train young people from refugee backgrounds in hospitality, giving them really tangible working skills so that they can be independent. They ran a couple of pop-ups and then decided to go all in and open a cafe to expand the opportunities for their baristas in training!

Isn’t that Awesome? Check out the full story here.

It’s projects like LSC that make our Awesome team so thrilled to have opened the doors for Adelaide to engage the same sort of game-changing ventures. Because that’s what these $1000 grants are all about.

Imagine an Adelaide where the innovators with ideas just as brilliant as Melbourne’s LSC get the support and resources they need to get off the ground… it would start a ripple effect of Awesome service that really connects us as a community. And yeah, that sounds a bit wishy washy, but the truth is we can achieve so much more as a community than as individuals.

When we pool our strengths, experiences, and resources, we extend our reach and seriously Awesome things happen. You only need to think of the difference LSC have made to the lives of their trainees to know that Adelaide’s first ever Awesome Foundation grant has the potential to really shake things up for the better.

Plus it’s super easy to apply. We know you think grants are hard work but we’ve done the hard work already so change-makers can focus all their energy on just making that Awesome happen. Click here to see how simple it is if you don’t believe us yet.

Trust us, you have permission to be Awesome.

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